Join the European Tour  on Kinomap!

Join the European Tour by Elite challenge from the 6th to the 20th of March & travel safely around Europe on Kinomap! 

Climb on your bike, ride in France, Germany, Italy, UK & Spain to win Elite besides Kinomap prizes.

Check out the challenge

European Tour by Elite challenge

6th, 7th & 8th of March 

12 Km | 931 D+

9th, 10th & 11th of March 

17 Km | 266 D+

12th, 13th & 14th of March

26 Km | 152 D+

15th, 16th & 17th of March

17 Km | 54 D+

18th, 19th & 20th of March

21 Km | 231 D+ 

Where to find the stages? In the "Browse" tab of the app, click on "Motion Videos", then on "Playlist". Choose the "European Tour by Elite Challenge" playlist and start cycling on the videos.

Rules & Conditions

Each participant who has completed the videos by respecting the dates of each will be eligible for the draw which will take place at the end of the challenge. 

Multiplayer Sessions with Elite's Ambassadors

The Pyrenees "France" | March 8 at 6 PM CET

Ride & chat with Juliette Landon Elite French ambassador & professional cyclist of the Macadam's Cowboys team.

"I love to discover more of myself with cycling & meeting the wonderful people of this community"

Kraichgau "Germany" | March 11 at 6 PM CET

Ride & chat with Lelia König Elite German ambassador & professional cyclist 

of the CIS MTB Racing Team.

"I love my bike, riding with my friends & racing"

Alps "Italy" | March 13 at 6 PM CET

Ride & chat with Giulia Minetto Elite Italian ambassador.

"Training indoors is essential just like open-air training. It’s the only way you can keep your fitness even after a hard-working day"

Suffolk "United Kingdom" | March 16 at 6 PM CET

Ride & chat with Amy Kilpin Elite UK ambassador & professional triathlete.

"I believe in grasping opportunities, pushing your limits, stepping outside  of your comfort zone, and making the most of life"

Gran Canaria "Spain" | March 20 at 5 PM CET

Ride & chat with Carlos Vives Elite Spanish ambassador and long-distance triathlete.

"I've been a passionate sports lover since I was a kid. 

It’s a pleasure to be an Elite ambassador once again in 2021"

If you like challenges, we suggest you take part in the challenge through the multiplayer mode, that is to say at the same time as other participants.

How to join? Through the app, tap on "Browse", then "Multiplayer", choose the session and be ready to push your limits to challenge the other riders! 

How to participate in the challenge?

Get the App

Create your account on the website and download Kinomap app on the Play Store or the App Store.

Subscribe to Kinomap

Your 14-day trial period starts with your first training session. Once it is over, go on the website, connect to your account on the page "My subscriptions", select the Kinomap App, and choose one of the offers.

Connect your equipment

Connect your home trainer or exercise bike to the App. If your equipment is interactive, the app will automatically adjust the resistance.

Participate in the European Tour challenge

In the "Browse" tab of the app, click on "Motion Videos", then on "Playlist". Choose the "European Tour" playlist and start cycling on the videos.


If your home trainer is not interactive, you can connect a cadence or speed sensor to the app, or connect the front camera of your smartphone or tablet.


Main Prize 

Suito-t + Zugaman + Training mat

1 Combo Prize for each stage

Folding mat + Zugaman

3 Kinomap Subscriptions

1 year, 6 months & 3 months

Rules & Conditions

Each participant who has completed the 5 videos of the Kinomap x European Tour Challenge by Elite playlist (by respecting the dates) will be eligible for the draw regarding the "main prize" taking place at the end of the challenge. 

The winners will be communicated on this page and will also be contacted by email at the end of the challenge.


Main Prize "Suito-t + Zugaman + Training mat": RafaP

1 Combo Prize for each stage "Folding mat + Zugaman": jaumega | rodger330654 | Axel06 | Bungle | rene_404

3 Kinomap Subscriptions "1 year, 6 months & 3 months": ThomasKron | EduardoSs | Haustein


Ready to join the challenge?

Now that you have all the information, join the challenge and travel the world from home!

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